The other day I was scrolling through the New Artists section on this blog when I realised, despite writing about lots of new artists. I have not written about a new band (not a duo) in more than a year. The drought needs to end here and now. So, everyone meet, PEPTALK. They are an all-female indie-pop band from Sydney, Australia. A self-produced trio who is eager to be sharing music that discusses their experiences as POC & queer women.

PEPTALK’s opening gambit is a track called “White Sneakers.” It is an upbeat, buzzy pop song steered by a jaunty rhythm and a joyful melody.

When I speak about a new music act for the first time. I would usually draw up one or two comparatives as a point of reference. Since this helps when describing to our readers, the style of music or the sound the newcomer/s is striving for. With the group in mind, I am unable to draw up a list. They just sound like PEPTALK, I guess.

The group says Julia Michaels, MUNA, and HAIM are their influences.

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Explaining their debut track, PEPTALK reveals…

White Sneakers” is about being completely infatuated with someone. When we were writing the track. Phoebe (lead vocals) mentioned a real-life experience where she was complimented on her fresh sneakers, and they instantly became her most prized possession. We could all relate to that feeling of wanting to impress someone and holding onto compliments a little too hard.”

I must say I am liking their infectious energy. They are perhaps the smiliest girl band I have heard about in years. More often than not, popstars today tend to lean into their moody side. Whether this is image or songwriting. Jay-Lee, Laura and Phoebe of PEPTALK look like they are loving and not taking life as seriously. It is this sense of sweetness about them, that is unfeigned and without pretence that endears me to them.

My gratitude goes out to these songwriters for crossing this threshold, forming a band and letting me see their shine. Since I do not see this nearly enough from emerging artists these days.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisispeptalk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisispeptalk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisispeptalk/