Australian indie-pop band PEPTALK has taken the natural next step in their music career by releasing an EP. Largely led by, the success of their track, “Close Friend” this summer. During my last feature of the band on the blog, I suggested that an EP launch would be a good move for them. Therefore, I am excited to see Lara, Jay-Lee, and Phoebe already planned this. By the same token that, “Close Friend” has turned out a perfect lead-in to the EP’s release. As an artist, it’s important to progress and take that next step. PEPTALK has shown that they are committed to doing just that.

With that said, yes, the Australian band has just dropped their debut EP, “Dumb Teen Heartache.” Furthermore it’s an absolute must-listen. Illustrating this, the EP is built around a concept that delves deep into the band members’ personal coming-of-age experiences. They each in turn explore their own dumb teen heartaches. Subsequently, while showcasing their impeccable songwriting skills, PEPTALK crafts a unique and captivating sound that has gained them much popularity in the indie-pop music scene. As the summer festival season approaches down under, this EP is the perfect addition to playlists. With this in mind, Aussie readers, in particular, should not miss out on this incredible body of work. Get ready to groove to the catchy tunes of PEPTALK’s “Dumb Teen Heartache“.

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In particular, I wanted to spotlight the EP’s closing track, “Long Haul.” It is a brilliant example of how PEPTALK has been able to perfectly capture the essence of a failed relationship in an upbeat and rhythmic song. Lyrically, the track expresses the emotional turmoil of a one-sided relationship in which one person commits but the other plays games with their feelings.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter where you’re based, whether Australia, India, Scandinavia, USA or Europe. This band’s music transcends territories. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this fantastic musical journey that PEPTALK has crafted for us. Listen to “Dumb Teen Heartache” now and immerse yourself in the captivating sound of this talented Australian indie-pop band.

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