When thinking about the emerging new music acts and bands I was introduced to this year, PEPTALK notably stands out. The all-female indie-pop band from Sydney, Australia, lit up my eardrums this summer with their catchy debut release “White Sneakers” and then again with equally buzzy follow-up track “idk“. However, they saved their most effervescent pop nugget thus far as single number 3. The new song is, “Hey!“. Our readers are hearing it before anybody else since the band gave us an exclusive first listen before it is released. When based on comparisons with other PEPTALK tracks, this is a top-notch power-pop effort. Arriving just in time in the southern hemisphere as the Australian music festival season heats up, down under.

From listening to their tracks thus far, I have picked up on the prominent personal style of lyricism they use. In particular, these narratives are full of character and shine a light on their bubbly personalities.

The better I get to know this band I realise they have a unique mix of charm and quirk. Moreover, the music exhibits a wonderful exuberance, that is worth taking a few minutes to enjoy.

Hey! is all about not wanting to mess up a good thing. As we were writing it we drew from not only romantic relationships but our friendship with each other. Ultimately the lyrics are all about faking it til you make it”. PEPTALK explains.

On the occasion of this release, I am beyond cheered to see a lyric video.

a) Since the song is super catchy and I felt as though I wanted to sing a long upon my first listen.

b) We get to see clips of Lara, Jay-Lee and Phoebe of the band hanging out together while acting a tad goofy.

I sense these three have the best times when they are all together and lift one another up when shit happens.

Whether you’re looking for something fun and catchy or just to jump-start your day. Get started listening to “Hey!” PEPTALK today.

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