A new Australian band were brought to my attention recently. They are the Sydney-based trio PEPTALK, who are two-thirds queer, two-thirds POC and all three-thirds female. They also describe themselves as “your wholesome friends giving unsolicited advice.” We were given our first taste of the band in June when they launched with the upbeat, buzzy indie-pop track “White Sneakers.” At the time, though, what was most surprising was that I was unable to draw up any comparatives for PEPTALK. Purely because I felt there was no one else doing what they were doing.

Today they are back with “idk” a follow-up track. Similarly, with this sophomore release, the band continues marching to the beat of their own drum. It stands out that they differ from the stereotypical girl bands. They get their point across not by being angsty but in sweet, genuine, and playful ways. This makes them instantly likeable and endearing. With a hand on my heart, I cannot remember when I last described a girl band this way, if ever.

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Explaining the meaning behind the song, PEPTALK says, “‘idk’ was written about remembering an inside joke with an ex. The kind of things that catches you off-guard. Because no matter how terribly things might’ve ended. Inside jokes are little reminders of the fun you once had with that person. What is especially hard is if you haven’t forgotten and are maybe dragging your heels about letting go”.

That might be a brief statement from the band. Yet, for me, this short piece of commentary builds more buzz around them. Glimpsing at the band’s personalities poking through and learning about how they write a break-up song from a different viewpoint than those which endlessly cover the same ground.

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