One of the most beautifully touching songs which came out of 2016, goes to Aquilo’s “You Won’t Know Where You Stand”, which prominently features on our “This Beat Is Poptronik – The Best Of 2016” playlist.

When you listen to the track it’s melody and tones leave you with an overwhelming sense of descending calm, pulling you into a fulfilling embrace of contentment. It’s as organic as the inspiring landscape of the Lake District of where Aquilo come from and of where Tom and Ben seek their greatest influence in the mood of their songs.

As the debut album “Silhouettes” is due to drop at the end of the month. Aquilo are pressing forward with a trilogy of videos to usher in its arrival. The first recipient of the camera action and starting point of an unfolding story, being “You Won’t Know Where You Stand”. In an interesting choice of a sports related theme, it just goes to show that with a deeper meaning behind the lyrics, a story can to be told via countless narrative options. The tale of the ice-skater here is particularly strong and shows an unswerving connection to the lyrics. Even going so far to factor in a glint of northern humour into the body of the poignantly unfolding tale.

If this is just the start of the build to the release. We sense we are in for an emotionally sought time ahead.