If you thought Aquilo had come up with the goods on “You Won’t Know Where You Stand”, second part and title track of the “Silhouettes” trilogy, is a sweeping piano, orchestral lament which tops the bar in exquisite musicality and songwritership from the Silverdale duo.

The beginning of this visual story began in an ice rink of all places, with the action now switching to the football pitch and local community centre. This is not very pop star is it! It’s all real day-to-day life stuff. And goes hand-in-hand superbly with the raw lyrically driven nature of Aquilo’s songs.

Normally I form a bone of contention with camera shy pop stars and musicians that duck out of appearing in their music videos, however the execution and direction of Eoin Glaister, translates the heartbeat of Aquilo’s emotive music through emphatically on-point storytelling. The casting of Perry Benson, in the role of the father figure is just golden. His style of acting, relatable and portraying real down-to-earth British character.

‘Shoes’ was the optimum word from the lyrics of “You Won’t Know Where You Stand” which became the basis of the theme for the opening episode of this unfolding story. Part II sources “Dance like two shadows” and “hold me” from the song narrative to bring out the maximum impact of emotion, felt of the track. The last flickering few seconds of this episode, I’ll admit to welling up too.

The emotional rippling effect of this story is done so tastefully and with such class. I’m savouring every bittersweet moment of it right up until the last drop of the beat and the camera fades to black. What will the final part bring? We won’t have long to find out. I for one am gripped.