Photo: Harvey Pearson

In all possibilities we maybe should have given Aquilo a mention before they began launching into their debut album campaign.

If you’ve yet to become aware of Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher’s chilled yet expansive style of electronic pop then all we can say is this, it’s impressively minimalist and yet deeply resonates with an organic sonic aura that shapes the mainstay of Aquilo’s body of work.

You should look at Aquilo with the same vision that London Grammar’s beautifully arranged, melodically felt tunes had us gripped in heart leaping wonderment though.

There is of an air of nostalgia embedded within Aquilo’s earthy compositions that speaks out quite genuinely with earthy, bohemian connection. Uppermost the output is impeccable and gravitated towards being wholesomely and beautifully special.

You Won’t Know Where You Stand” is Aquilo’s first song from their debut album which is expected to reach us early next year. Like all that has already gone before it, it is simply, divinely gorgeous in its cinematic sound design, solid songwriting and endearingly, emotive vocals. Acts superbly, raising the profile in marking out Aquilo amongst the current crop of emerging acts that have the biggest opportunity to be known as exciting prospects through 2017.

Take it from us, on the strength and continuity that the duo give out, it won’t be long before you’ll become captivated listeners of Aquilo’s sweet sounds.