The big question is, was Aquilo planning to release surprise single “I Could Fight On A Wall“, to coincide with their scheduled tour dates or as some sweet kind of consolation after their UK dates got postponed pending a reschedule. When all said and done, there’s a new Aquilo track unleashed and available for us to enjoy.

The truth is I could listen to Aquilo’s exquisitely chilled out harmonies endlessly. Debut album “Silhouettes“, which was released earlier this year has been a constant source of pleasure. Whenever I reach out for a listen, I have to make sure that I do not do anything else, as the gorgeous emotively, moving beauty of the masterpiece still stops me in my tracks.

The same applies to “I Could Fight On A Wall“, with its languid sonic atmosphere. Aquilo has hit upon a softly, bespoke electronic pop recipe which they are not giving up on anytime soon. Only, timeless elegance, graceful melodies and vocal harmonies as light as air exist in the breathtaking electronic realm of sonic escapism, which continues to turn everything Aquilo touch into something magically special.

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