There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Aquilo are one of the HOT HOT bands to have on your radar. Their debut album “Silhouettes” is criminally underrated and one of the best this year for us already. So it goes without saying, that catching one of Aquilo’s four shows at SXSW was a must. We opted to see a very civilised performance at 3pm in the afternoon in downtown Austin’s venue know as Antone’s in the Music Is Universal program this year. I love afternoon shows. There is something quite extraordinary about stopping in the midst of your day to just enjoy some live music. Recommended.

Seeing Aquilo live pretty has the same effect on me every time I listen to their music. It’s so emotive that it makes me want to cry. I felt this way from the very first time Mandy posted about their single “You Don’t Know Where You Stand”. From the very moment I heard this song, I was floored. It wasn’t soon after that they released “Silhouettes”, an album which dominated my Spotify for quite some time.

As you can see from this live footage, the show is quite intimate. The music primarily speaks for itself with bandmates Ben and Tom not really saying much in-between songs, not even the obligatory shout out to their socials. The show may be light on banter, but it’s heavy on emotion. I actually felt affected afterwards and had to take a moment of reflection. Grant it, it was in the Westin lobby across the street which was the closest thing to a warm blanket and some tranquility that I could find at SXSW in the midst of the madness.

If you haven’t downloaded or offlined “Silhouettes” by Aquilo yet, you’re missing out completely. There are so many appropriate life moments I’ve found solace in this year with Aquilo’s music as the soundtrack. And if you’re the type of lost soul that needs a beacon to call you out from distress, I urge you, just go see Aquilo live when you can. You won’t be sorry. Get lost in emotion. Let yourself go.