As we make our way into the finale of Aquilo’s “Silhouette” video trilogy, I find that I’m having to pause momentarily to remind myself that the task at hand is the documenting of my thoughts on a music video / song, and not a film review. A round of applause goes to director Eoin Glaister, for his sterling direction of this relatable storytelling, which has packed in a feature-film sized story of a developing romance running its tentative course into three mini episodes’ worth of video shorts.

From the aspirational beginnings gleaned from “You Won’t Know Where You Stand” to the reflective mood shown through “Silhouette”. Rounding up with the poignant, slow ballad moment of “Almost Over” brings evaluation and making decisions to a head. Yet the way in which this emotive tale has been retold leaves the finer details of it up for the viewers own interpretation of it. That just makes it all the more the case, that the “Almost Over” video will receive multiple viewings as we try to piece together our own conclusions as to what is subtly being hinted at.

Let’s not forget that all of this trilogy has come about to launch Aquilo’s exquisite debut album “Silhouettes”. An album I’d thoroughly recommend to look up when you’re needing to get lost in some beautifully emotive music.

Silhouettes” superbly soothing qualities alone will provide at least some of the answers to calm a few of life’s troubles away.

I guess we can all do with some of that much more at times than we may actually realise, but when we reach that point we now have “Silhouettes” to unwind and luxuriate with.