Bright Light Bright Light and Ana Matronic have teamed up on many occasions during recent years. The synth pop maestro and Scissor Sisters frontwoman first collaborated on a rendition of the Pet Shop Boys hit “West End Girls” in 2014. And followed up with a remix version of the track “Good Luck“, which features on the Bright Light Bright Light album, “Life Is Easy“. It seems it has only been a matter of time before Ana would gain exposure as the stand alone featured artist on a Bright Light Bright Light EP.

I Only Want To Please You“, is an easy pleaser that’s for certain. Originally featured on recent Bright Light Bright Light album “Choreography“, the track takes inspiration from 80’s dance based horror movie “Murder Rocks“. If you’ve seen “Flashdance“, “Murder Rocks” is the Slashdance equivalent. It mixes energic aerobic sequences with a psycho-killer on the loose. Knowing this information will help you make better sense of what is happening in the “I Only Want To Please You“, video.

We see Rod Thomas (aka Bright Light Bright Light) pulling on a pair of leg warmers and joining a dance class to recreate some of the key moments from the movie’s dance routines with Ana Matronic cast as head honcho, evaluating the group, eradicating them one by one until there is only one survivor. If you are fully taking notice of the finer details, the notes, Ana jots down are real quotes taken from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Between the unashamedly campy dance moves, the lycra and wool mix of the dancer’s attire, there are enough combustible elements to start a fire. Don’t even get me started with the hip gyration. Keep tongues firmly in your cheeks darlings as Rod Thomas sees this one through as Bright Light Bright Light with a dash of humour.

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