Speaking about the music video for his latest release, “Down to One.” Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) hinted for fans to expect a visual that was in keeping with the Friday the 13th release date. A clue that shouldn’t take much working out for the fans and followers of the Welsh musician. Especially when you know Rod is a massive horror movie fan!

In the lead-up to the release, “Down to One” debuted during his recent run of UK tour dates in September. With this in mind, I think we’ve therefore had enough time to add the track to our playlists, yes? However, Rod promised more exciting news about this release. This begins with the newly released Giallo horror movie-inspired music video, directed by Tyler Jensen. It’s a captivating watch, (as excellent as Rod had promised) a perfect balance of horror and humour elements. The video is inspired by the Giallo film “Blood and Black Lace“, directed by Mario Bava, and Fred Walton’sApril Fool’s Day.” Also the movie “Clue” based on the famous board game. More importantly though, it appears like “Down To One” was a lot of fun to make!

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In addition to the music video, the “Down to One” remix EP is also out. The release features extended versions, a mix styled with smooth dancefloor allure, a Thomas CW remix. But what really caught my attention is the reimagining of the track in the atmospheric style found in the Giallo movies. In particular, you should expect to be spooked at how good this one turned out!

The tracks released this year, “Down to One” along with “Boys Etc” and “Sweet Release,” are leading to the release of the fifth album, out next year.

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