Bright Light Bright Light

There’s cover versions, and there’s cover versions by Bright Light Bright Light, always within a league of their own and guaranteed to spread of smile of pleasure.

Oh wow, this is probably one of Rod’s best yet and it’s collaborative effort to boot with the ultra fabiness factor adhered to it as it is none other than the flame haired dame of the Scissor Sisters Ana Matronic that steps up to the mic with Rod on this sparkling rendition of the Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls”.

I could go on bestowing platitudes of the greatness that I feel results in this super nova of synth pop making, but all our readers should know by now that we’re Bright Light Bright Light and Scissor Sisters fanatics here on EQ anyways.

What we will impart to you instead is the reason why this divine synth pop union between Rod and Ana has come about in the first instance, namely because they played this recently at a show benefiting The Hetrick-Martin Institute in New York, an LGBTQ organisation that focuses its support towards young people and their families.

See we knew that there would be a super cool explanation as to why Rod and Ana chose to do this!

Did we tell you yet that it is a FREE DOWNLOAD too?! We know it’s too amazing this, we can’t deal!