The new album, “Fun City” from EQ Music Blog favourite Bright Light Bright Light, is go! We’ve had an incredible introduction to Rod’s fourth album with the single “This Was My House” featuring Madonna backup singer duo, Niki Harris and Donna De Lory ( Now, also features on our “This Beat Is Poptronik” May 2020 playlist.) Along with a brilliant video directed by Tyler Jensen. What more could the singer-songwriter have in store for us? He has unveiled the tracklisting of the September 18th releasing album. And it details some very impressive collaborations. Covering features with Sam Sparro, Jake Shears and Andy Bell. I am super excited to hear everything (not that I don’t always when it comes to Bright Light Bright Light.)

If we thought we might be left dangling in suspense before our ears were blessed with one of Rod’s pop royalty collaborations, we have been proved wrong. “Sensation” with Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears, is out and giving us another chance to flex our disco dance moves or soundtrack our daily lockdown exercise routines. No lie, I’ve been expecting and wanting a team-up with Jake Shears to happen for a long time. I highly expected it might be in the pipeline because of the Welsh pop force’s previous team-ups with Scissor Sisters band members Del Marquis and Ana Matronic.

The album “Fun City” was written as a musical love letter to the LGBTQ+ community. The latest song lifted off the upcoming release was initially written about the euphoria of meeting someone (friend, lover, etc.) In the current social climate where everything has been placed out of kilter, the track can also be interpreted as an anthem for reconnecting with our loved ones when social distancing measures are lifted. Air punching and jubilant vibes. A feel-good factor is readily in evidence.

Bright Light Bright Light is armed with the hope “Fun City” will examine the ways marginalized people stay strong, focused and creative through times of social and political hardships. Two singles down, I love and hear this. It is making me feel hopeful and lifted.

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Twitter: @brightlightx2

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