I recently attended the opening night of the Bright Light Bright Light UK Tour in Manchester on September 7th. This was an absolute joyous occasion. I had high expectations for the evening. Since I knew these were the first UK shows Rod has put on since even before the pandemic. However, the audience at the Night and Day Café were in for an extra special treat with South African-born electronic-pop artist Nic Billington as the support act. Both Rod and Nic brought their A-game, and it was clear that the audience appreciated the music and enjoyed every bit of the showmanship. I couldn’t have asked for a better night! (An early birthday treat). The well-deserved appreciation from the attentive audience was a testament to the incredible performances put on by these talented artists.

Rod wasn’t here in the UK to promote a new album (which may come as a shock to some). (However, a new album is in the works for a spring 2024 release). Fans were as a matter of fact treated to a fab selection of tracks from all album eras during the UK tour. These audiences got to hear a preview of the new single “Down to One” (which was released last Friday). Bright Light Bright Light gigs are known for their personal touches and connection with fans. This performance in particular, was no exception. During “Down To One,” Rod jumped off the stage and into the audience, giving them an incredibly intimate and appreciative first listen to the song.

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“This track uses some sonic elements from my “ALL MAN” film score – which was about fashion and queer culture. This song is about lust, love and obsession, inspired by some of my favourite Italian horror films set in chic fashion houses with glamorous models and handsome men”. Rod explains.

Down To One” has a dance-pop groove that’ll make you want to move your body and simultaneously punch the air. Production-wise, it’s a joint effort Rod from and Initial Talk. The lyrics are all about following your heart instead of your head, even if it means setting yourself up for disappointment in the long run. But sometimes, we need to get caught up in the moment and do what feels right in the present, right? It’s a simple but powerful message that is sure to resonate with all lovers.

The song has been getting such an amazing response already and has even made it onto the Main iTunes chart! I’m really hoping it can make it into the top 40 or even higher. So if you haven’t already, please consider buying the track. Rod is such a talented artist and deserves all the success.

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