There is a good valid reason why almost all of the Baby Queen singles (if not all of them). Have launched on BBC Radio 1 as the Hottest Record in the World. The explanation is simply this. She is the future of pop. (Well, as far as I am concerned anyway). EQ Music Blog readers will already be aware of this unsurprising fact, given the number of times I have written about her. Last night, not one but two exciting Baby Queen events took place. These were the radio premiere of the new track “Wannabe” and her debut headline show at Omeara in London. (I didn’t get to the show but I did tune in for the premiere of the new track).

Wannabe” is the title of the latest outsider-pop offering from Baby Queen. Should you have wondered about it. She does not fancy herself as a Spice Girl. (The impression I have formed about her tells me. (I have not the tiniest bit of doubt about it) She would, likeliest, kick more ass than all five of them put together. Even Scary Spice, Mel B). The somewhat mellower anthem is a track where she returns to pick away some more at one of her favourite topics manifested out of neurosis. In that, it is a perfect misfit anthem, made for those who defy conventions and live life adopting an individualist lifestyle.

Baby Queen describes the track as,

“An invitation to accept yourself and embrace the labels that are given to you by small-minded, boring people. If this is what it means to be a loser, then I hope I’ll be a loser for the rest of my life.”

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The music vibe explored on her latest anti-anthem. Is that of alt-pop which leads into a dreamy-like style of psychedelia. The feel of it matches the lyrics from the track. Where she muses, “I’ll always be a wannabe baby, making art pop music about the drugs I’m using”.

First time listeners might be quick to assume she has a potty mouth. I say this. They should listen to her as I do. I think they then would soon appreciate the direct style of lyricism she uses. Maybe feel a connection with the Baby Queen rebel spirit. I have to say, whereas everything previously has been carried out with an air of exuberance. There is not so much manic behaviour on display from her in the “Wannabe” video, though. I mustn’t be greedy she has given us lots of angsty bops and visuals. She has earned a mellow moment. “Wannabe” is it.

Wannabe” is due to appear on the upcoming Baby Queen debut album. With my fingers crossed, I am hoping that it will arrive next year.

The Yearbook” mixtape featuring the singles “Raw Thoughts“, “Dover Beach“, “These Drugs” and “You Shaped Hole” is out now


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