Have you noticed much as I have, these releases from rising, alternative pop newcomer Baby Queen are coming thick and fast? I am assuming this can only mean one thing, she’ll likely find herself a nominee for the BBC Sound Of (2021) annual tastemaking accolade. I deem her worthy on the strength of less than a handful of songs which have been used to build momentum in recent months. (“Internet Religion,” “Buzzkill,” “Medicine.”) Soon to be increasing further when pop’s newest upstart conveniently drops her debut “Medicine” EP for release November, 6th.

2020 hasn’t been the best time for emerging pop acts. With the obvious, difficulties of no live gigs or festivals, performance opportunities have mostly been put on hold. This year’s search for the most promising new music talents is likeliest to stem from a much narrower field than in recent years. This is why I’d go out on a limb early, placing a bet on Baby Queen. Also, I have just watched the music video for “Pretty Girl Lie” (the fourth Baby Queen single.) She has put the lid on not being so shouty and pouty on this one, but no less sparky, in speaking her mind.

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Crushing the trope of what is perceived as being a stereotypical pretty girl, is the latest issue, Baby Queen is setting the world to rights, about with her latest music offering. We have heard her speak-sing mostly, we get to treated to her flexing more of her singing voice on “Pretty Girl Lie.” In fact, the track as a whole is swathed in buzzy melodic beats. Manifesting in a bigger pop sound for the newcomer being as the quirky, off-centred indie-pop arrangements is swapped into a swirl of indie-electronic stylings. Still cool. Still buzzy. Hoping that we get to hear “Online Dating” as revealed on the tracklist, before the EP drops. Eager already to find out her witty and acerbic take on the topic.

Consider us fans of Baby Queen’s potent offerings already. Her track “Buzzkill” takes up the top spot on the September 2020 edition of the “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist.

Connect with Baby Queen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queenofthebabies/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/babyqueen
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queenofthebabies/

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