Are the pop gods smiling on us this week or what? Although not before time, we’ve been treated to new Years & Years, MARINA and even Baby Queen has dropped off another new song in way of the super catchy “Dover Beach.” Have you also noticed these past few days there is a definite feeling of optimism in the air? The many fantastic, new pop releases which have turned up this week have absolutely helped with getting our normalised lives back on course. Speaking, particularly of “Dover Beach” by Baby Queen. Bella keeps pulling the freshest, and most illuminating indie-pop tracks out of the bag. She’s fast become a pop machine, releasing seven singles plus one EP within a year. A feat of some magnitude.

Even Baby Queen won’t deny her formative releases are tinged with the presence of various darknesses. She turned a corner with the vibey anthem “Raw Thoughts” earlier this year, “Dover Beach” picks up on this new Baby Queen trend. Having an insanely hummable melody while being less about various neurosis, favouring her hot take on relationships and love instead.

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The significance of “Dover Beach?” Bella says,

“In school, I was obsessed with this poem called “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold and I always wanted to visit the Dover cliffs, so I went there alone on a writing trip in October last year. I actually wrote the melody and lyrics of this song while I was sitting on the beach.”

I thought as much because I swear the charming, do, do, do, bit of the track was in some way inspired by the chimes of an ice-cream van. (Although that could just be me wishfully thinking about the next time I get to smash a 99 cornet, round my chops during a trip to the seaside. Yeah probably that to be honest).

The endearing story-boarded music video is self-explanatory of the track’s narrative, but if in any doubt, Bella reveals…

“It’s about being infatuated with somebody and seeing them everywhere you look. I was kind of pissed that I went to look at the beach, all I could think about was this person, hence the lyric “you stole the view of Dover Beach.”

We’ve all been there, stuck in our thoughts, the same as Bella, but not necessarily in Dover. Baby Queen takes us from melancholy’ to uplifted within a beat. Is it any wonder why I and many others are convinced she’s
poised for pop stardom.

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