I’ve been listening to Baby Queen a lot since the pop livewire broke through with “Internet Religion” and “Buzzkill” last summer. Through her music, I’ve come to recognise Baby Queen as a cathartic individual. Truthfully Bella Latham isn’t going to sugar coat anything, ever. She expresses her opinions in a sharp assertive manner, where her whip-smart lyricism really stands out as being unforgivingly honest. But I love this about her, she’s not another youngster shooting from the hip, there is plenty of validity in the points she raises. It just so happens she’s met with a lot of demons in her 23 years. The “Medicine” EP which dropped last year really was serving as a mere taster of her lyrical prowess. Hitting back first with “Raw Thoughts” and following-up with “These Drugs.” If Baby Queen hits a nerve with you, you can be pretty much assured it is because she’s being unflinchingly honest.

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I know she’s being super up-front when discussing “These Drugs” because she’s pared-back from her usual raucous energy. She sings as though she is staring us right in the face. Her glare is intense and fixated, what she is sharing on “These Drugs” is majorly important. Stone cold truths about battling depression, self-loathing, the full monty of psychosis. Baby Queen has no qualms about being honest or showing her vulnerabilities. The more I hear her stories, the more I am willing her to make peace with herself. Yet, she is so brilliant and being hugely relevant at the same time. Surely “These Drugs” is as deep as it gets.

The powerful music video traces Baby Queen on a course of self-destruction and spotlights the dark places it leads her to. I have always considered The Verve track “The Drugs Don’t Work” the most poignant musical account of substance use I have ever heard. I’m deeply saddened to learn of the extent of Baby Queen’s battles with, mental health. It is so brave of her to share “These Drugs.” It is so raw. But I also think the track is equally important as The Verve’s bittersweet classic.

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