Delivering good beats is of great importance when crafting a memorable pop song. Of importance, even more so, are the lyrics. Naturally, every songwriter has a voice that they want you to hear. Yet statement-making and pop with an underlying message have skyrocketed in recent years. And some pop, artists are more shouty than others. My latest favourite newcomer, embarking on the trend is creative tour-de-force Baby Queen. She has officially released, just the two catchy tracks “Internet Religion” and “Buzzkill.” They are potent offerings, to say the least, from a modern, voice, who has a grip on reality in a sassy and forthright way.

Her style is a bit like another up-and-coming indie-pop powerhouse, who I like – UPSAHL. Both artists write observational lyrics and favour a no-holds-barred approach. Although just getting started, Baby Queen has created quite an impression with me. Her raucous debut release “Internet Religion” tackled issues lurking on the dark side of the worldwide web head-on with a dose of Baby Queen anarchy, and a desire to assert change. I better connect with the strong-willed, sophomore single “Buzzkill.”

“The song is about being really, depressed at a party, but feeling that you are, in a way, being coerced to be positive by friends who think you are a killjoy or a buzzkill.” Baby Queen explains.

I can relate perhaps too many times to this exact scenario. The awful dread which sets in when you have to attend a party because parties are supposed to be fun, right? And, if you don’t accept, it will be frowned upon as being rude. Well, most, of the time parties, really, are the complete opposite of fun. You have to engage in small talk, smile and laugh when necessary at bad anecdotes and so forth. Worse still if you’re feeling in a funk mood, of course. There, is this expectation, everyone who goes to a party is up for being the life and soul, of it. Quite the reverse, if like me you have little interest in making small talk, just to appear polite. (It’s not being rude. It’s just not my way, simple as.) What is chill, about that I ask? So you see, I find myself on the same page as Baby Queen. I just wish that at a younger age, I had only a little of the assertiveness she has to speak her mind.

I like the intensity and angst Baby Queen brings to the table. My moody self is looking forward to another helping of anti-pop gloomdom from her.

Connect with Baby Queen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queenofthebabies/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/babyqueen
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queenofthebabies/

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