If anyone knows of a more beautiful track out right now than “Wretch” by Autoheart, I am begging of them to allow me to first, take a listen. The London indie-pop trio of Simon Neilson, Jody Gadsden and Barney JC. Have broken free from the recording studio, where they spent much of 2019, to give us a present in the way of new track “Wretch.” The track arrived on the last official New Music Friday release date of the year. The new release serves as an exemplary reminder of Autoheart’s abilities for stunning, song crafting. While the latest track is stripped, to an acoustic level, it is still a match of any other of its predecessors.

The song took it’s time to arrive, but was definitely worth the year, plus wait. As while Autoheart has been in existence for a considerable number of years now, their output never deviates for a moment from being the sum of blissful, gorgeousness. On “Wretch” the melody rocks gently. If I could think of Jody’s voice as a taste, I would describe it as the sweetest nectar imaginable. I am sure of it.

The openly honest lyrics of the song, raise awareness around mental wellbeing. Of what is like to become confused and lost in our thoughts. When the funked off mood doesn’t lift, regardless of making attempts to break free from its grip. Of feeling entrapped as though caught up in a maze, where every path seems to lead to a dead end. These situations evoke feelings of anxiety, breed a sense of melancholy, and leave us sad and disheartened. It is in times like these that we reach out for strength and support. “Wretch” by Autoheart is a tortured soul’s, cry for help. The words and Jody’s lucid, affecting voice have a calming influence among the swelling storm of emotions. The track transcends like poetry, in fact. With this song, the band have turned a difficult experience and the state of vulnerability into something beautiful. As well as being available on the usual digital platforms, “Wretch” can also be downloaded at Bandcamp, in exchange for a name your price donation. Further cause for celebration. The band has shared the news that three more tracks and videos will be winging their way to us early in the New Year.

2020 is exciting times for Autoheart fans and for those who purely enjoy powerfully spellbinding indie-pop songs.

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