This was a good spot if, I DO say so myself. London-based indie-pop group Autoheart dropped “I Know That He Loves Me“, on Adele New Music Friday. The track is the first taste of their third studio album, “hellbent“. And, it looks like the band are going with their plan of releasing this album on the 29th, October. Which isn’t very long to wait, is it? I for, one, am very hyped at the news. More gorgeous Autoheart songs are on the way. I know without hesitation these will be worth the wait. And will also undoubtedly be very, special pieces of music, as always is the way with them.

But there is more… they also unleashed a stunning music video for the new track. (Another, because all of Autoheart’s music videos are beautiful art forms in themselves). Directed by Joseph Wilson, the clip focuses on strong visual storytelling. A young man is attempting to make sense of his feelings. Yet is confused and torn by having being raised on the teachings of religion. Confliction arises when coming into contact with sources of discrimination, and attempts at brainwashing and propaganda take hold. His soul is troubled, but he is strong of self-worth. He looks to the light and makes his way in life the best he can.

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“I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind, I’ve been living in a dream. And, I’m losing all perspective nothing’s ever what it seems. But I know that he loves me, I know that he loves me back.” (lyrics)

The song narrative and the candid, almost poetic lyricism, contained within are of the high standard they always meet. This is why I am always happy to wait for new music from the band. They are consistently good. When I am writing about them. They make me really think about the subject at hand on a psychological level. No other band does this to me, but Autoheart does. I have listened to and watched the track multiple times, absorbed a lot from it. Wow, do I feel, enriched. I cannot imagine the feelings that will surge through me when the album drops. I know listening to what Jody, Barney, and Simon have to say. Will only help me have a greater understanding as an LGBTQ ally and become a better human being, though.

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