Have you heard the latest news from Autoheart? On Friday, the esteemed indie-pop band released a new music masterpiece called “Juggernaut“. This is the first new music they’ve released since their 2021 album “Hellbent” and “Time Machine” EP. In characteristic Autoheart style, the band fell somewhat quiet online for some time. However, they recently informed their fans and followers they were working with Danton Supple, producer of their 2013 debut album “Punch“. Coincidentally, “Punch” celebrates its 10th-anniversary release this year. All-in-all, Autoheart’s social media has been ablaze this week with news of the latest release.

What I and many fans have noticed about “Juggernaut” is that it stylistically recreates something of the exquisite “Punch” sound. They recreate thus by using delicately pulsing synths overlayed with rich, heartfelt vocals. As I am aware because of being familiar with them, the band is recognised for really going there with their lyrics. In this respect “Juggernaut” aligns with the trend, as it shares a story about grief, loss and endearing love.

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The music videos from this band are quite unique as the band members themselves, famously do not make an appearance in them. Despite this, the videos are always fascinating to watch. In their latest video, directed by Joseph Wilson who also directed “I Know That He Loves Me“. The drag artist Fancy Shews! takes on the lead role of a grieving widow who is determined to give her late partner a touching and memorable final farewell. The video takes us on a journey through some of the couple’s favourite entertainment spots in glorious Margate. It is truly a beautiful tribute to love, loss and endearing love.

Regarding the track “Juggernaut.” It seems like there’s some confusion about whether this is a standalone release or if it might be part of a new album. Apparently, Danton Supple didn’t collaborate with them on this one. (Autoheart self-produced it, which is interesting.) However, they did share they’re gearing up for something bigger. I saw in an Instagram post that they’re planning a US tour for March next year and are asking for suggestions on where to play.

I feel it likely UK and Europe dates will also be considered. Therefore, if we all stream and watch “Juggernaut,” repeatedly and shout out about this release, then perhaps we’ll encourage them to share some further details of music and touring plans soon.

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