Last year Autoheart came through with their second album “I Can Build A Fire” the follow-up to highly acclaimed debut “Punch”. In doing so, the London indie pop trio confirmed what I’ve always suspected. They are brilliantly masterful at putting together a well-executed album. (No tricky follow-up album scenario here!)

To my mind, they delivered a high-quality collection of intelligently thought out tracks with a strong lyrical influence (including previous singles “Possibility” and “Oxford Blood”), which is precisely what has marked the band out as poetic songwriters and equally as an esteemed team of musicians. I would go so far to say that “I Can Build A Fire” is the album to link up with, when you’ve the need for exquisitely gorgeous melodies to soothe away the chaos of daily life.

If you haven’t got your copy of the album yet, perhaps it’s because you’ve been waiting for the new limited edition double pink vinyl pressing to arrive? To cut out the hard work of searching through the web to find it, tappy, tappy on this link HERE and you’ll be in the pink in no time.

I DO love an Autoheart video though, the guys always deliver visuals which think out-of-the-box conceptually. A signature trait of the band which is carried through here with “My Hallelujah” via the compelling to watch video short. This clip directed by Joseph Wilson, embodies the candid style of storytelling which I’ve come to expect from Autoheart, combined with a powerful theme and an acute sense of drama.

The new video for “My Hallelujah” is totally going to strike a chord with the 9-5 office workers, who feel stifled and worn weary by complying with corporate rules. I say this on behalf of all nine-to-fivers – #TGIF