Twice this week already, I’ve had to get the evening meal fixed early because of being desperate to tune in for Hottest Record in the World Premieres on Radio One. DJ Annie Mac has been at the forefront of serving two doses of hot pop realness in recent days. In the first instance, with the CHVRCHES track “Good Girls” keenly followed up with the latest stellar Baby Queen offering, “You Shaped Hole“. Hallelujah, I say. Both of these tracks are too excellent to be lumped in with the usual avalanche of new music, released on Friday.

Also, I just realised I have yet to speak about the upcoming mixtape release from Baby Queen. Oopsie! Note: like rising pop star GRIFF (whose debut collection of tracks “One Foot In Front of The Other“), Baby Queen is also favouring running with a mixtape concept. “The Yearbook” is out, September 3rd. She has been dropping off some brilliant glimpses of it with fantastic tracks “Raw Thoughts“, “These Drugs“, “Dover Beach“, and “American Dream“. Now she is adding another buzzy heartbreak pop anthem to the mix with “You Shaped Hole“. And again, I am mesmerised with insanely catchy, quirky pop stylings of the track.

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It is fast becoming clear to me that Baby Queen has studied pop, real good. Because how else is she so ridiculously brilliant at cranking out this amount of boppiest melodies? Even when she is writing, about sad stuff, like getting dumped in a park, she makes it sound like sunshine. The feel-good vibes on “You Shaped Hole” are somewhat like how seeing someone flash a big beaming smile brightens up a low mood. Infectious! All the while, I have been listening to the new Baby Queen track. I keep thinking about another great song, “Steal My Sunshine” by Len. That one has sure stood the test of time, and I think Baby Queen with “You Shaped Hole” is replicating some of the same kind of magic that “Steal My Sunshine” has.

Baby Queen promises of “The Yearbook” mixtape,

“I want the listener to feel like they’re, on the top of a London bus, travelling through a city they’ve moved to for the very first time, seeing the world through new eyes.”

I can honestly say I am impressed with Baby Queen. That I want to share some big words. She is one of pop music’s most fascinating lyrical minds, as far as I am concerned.

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