What makes someone supercool? Is it that they are the epitome of a trendsetter? Living a lifestyle of luxury? or is it something else? Like being creative or alternative minded. Warm-hearted and generous, that earns the prestige of being regarded as cool? Possibly all or one of those things actually as cool is something of individual taste to us all.

In the case of one of electronic pop’s favourably looked upon newcomers Ariana and The Rose, band creative brainchild and front woman Ariana Di Lorenzo is firmly in support of girl power, women generally being bad ass and exuding an, I can do and achieve all approach to life.

To reinforce this theme behind the cosmically leaning, synth-pop gleaming new single “Supercool”, the video see’s Ariana hanging out in the culturally creative districts of New York City with a troupe of Moxi inline skater girls. Who flip and execute tricks and stunt moves with exuberance and effortless ease. What could be more supercool than that?! Well maybe if you want some of that supercool to rub off on you, when you’re done watching the excellent video try checking out our recent Interview with Ariana herself!