I thought I knew the music of Ariana and the Rose quite well, having written about the Ariana DiLorenzo fronted project on many occasions. Therefore, I wasn’t prepared to be stunned as much as I was during their showcase performance at our recent EQ Music Live Presents, evening. As a performer, Ariana has a very, transfixing quality, more than I imagined. I am sure there is a little bit of magic sprinkled in what she does because I felt it in the room and I believe it guided the spellbinding rendition of the Massive Attack track “Teardrop“. It felt as though Ariana had found her musical niche with the latest EP “Retrograde” especially its singles “Supercool” and “How Does it Make You Feel“. I am happy to see this is a sonic path which she follows on “For Your Love“, the new single.

While there is plenty of sonic steered music around at present Ariana has a distinctive, alluring presence to pull it off with beautiful electronic production, melodies and dreamy vocals. The single “For Your Love” is haunting and impactful, marrying a sonic template for hypnotic instrumentation and creating emotional intensity by adding depths of vast restful influence.

I am positively loving, the gently propellant melodies of the recent singles, the synergy between delicate vocals and intricate song-scapes. Ariana and the Rose have raised their game and in turn, extends a great hope for their future.

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