We have not made it to the end of the week quite yet. But that will not stop me from calling out the new Ariana and the Rose track “Every Body” early as the best music video of the week. New York’s Ariana and the Rose is spoiling us with this new music. At least it feels like that because we have been so starved of the vibrancy of nightlife culture for way too long. While in lockdown, she penned the track “Every Body“. A unifying anthem celebrating the spirit of nightlife and the colourful community of souls it brings together (who share an appreciation of music, dance and the creative arts). Ariana’s, message could not be any more simply put. “This dance floor is for every body”, is the mantra she adopts for the song.

Speaking about the origins of the track. Ariana shares…

Every Body” is a mission statement for my project and for the audience to get lost in. No matter who you are, how you identify or where you’re from, my musical world and my shows are for everyone to lose or find themselves in. I like to think of it as dance music catharsis.”

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Being dance floor orientated. This is a track, unlike anything she has released before. A sonic pop exploration for Ariana and the Rose crossing over into the realm of dance music. It is jam, hella hot, and I haven’t even begun to talk about the amazing music video. A star-studded spectacle, featuring a crowd of nightlife & NYC/LA art world legends. Amanda Lepore, Cakes Da Killa, Kandy Muse and more make appearances in the hedonistic, evocative clip.

These lyrics are everything, I needed to hear right now.

“We’re thriving as we dive into the unknown. We don’t own the future, no we just don’t know. And they can try to tear us but we just keep on dancing. Let it all in. Let your feet leave the ground. Just get lost in the sound.”

Those are words that leave me, pretty much reiterating all that I said previously. “Every Body” could not be more timely. Ariana and the Rose nailed the vibe and (this I love to see) bagged the best music video of the week.

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