Ariana DiLorenzo of Ariana and the Rose has just released the music video in support of current single “Lonely Star” I find it so brilliant that it takes my breath away. In my job here, reviewing music, I prefer to give an honest account of how each track makes me feel. I try my best not to label tracks as my new favourite song. However, I am smitten with the gorgeous, sonic and otherworldly “Lonely Star.” It is a song which particularly shines out to me, as far as I am concerned it is the perfect synth-pop song. It has a great message, a wonderful melody, and Ariana’s vocal is dreamily beautiful. Heaven, to my ears.

Over the past year, while I have been writing about Ariana and the Rose, there has also been a lot of talk about Light + Space, her immersive music event series. The creative project Ariana has devised combines theatre, a live music gig and a party. This sounds amazing, but I’ve really been intrigued to find out exactly how this all comes together and looks. Finally, we all get to see a little of what goes on during these event nights because Ariana has brought a little taste of this performance project to video for “Lonely Star.”

Even though I’ve come to know how much she loves glitter, I really wasn’t expecting there to be such a liberal usage of the sparkly stuff in this video. Everyone involved is covered from head to toe in the shimmery coating in this visual clip. I feel it’s like she’s bought up the world’s supply of the stuff. From watching the video for only a few seconds, I can tell you, it out sparkles the thousandfold of sequins which are used on a series of Strictly Come Dancing, UK. Incredible.

Through the medium of contemporary dance, the cast of the “Lonely Star” video bring the lyrics of the song to life. Ariana is placed as the solo dancer from another otherworld of the universe, under the guise of a star. As she gazes into the expanse of space, she notices other lifeforms (stars) similar to her out in the distance. Through an aesthetic of futurism and cosmos, these glittery beings reach out to one another in realisation they are not alone, as each one of them first thought. The message being, we’re not alone in anything we choose to do, someone somewhere will identify with our life experiences.

What a twinkling tour de force Ariana and the Rose truly is. Please do make sure “Lonely Star” is illuminating your playlists, this winter. Celebrate the enchanting wonderment of the season with the glitter strewn, delirious disco highs of this song.

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