When it comes to ending an album era, Brooklyn popstar Ariana and the Rose knows how to do it in style. With a series of dazzling synth-pop releases under her belt, including the track “Every Body,” she dropped her debut album “Lonely Hearts Club” last year.

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Ariana’s on this website. I’ve often blogged about her and similarly mentioned her unique immersive light, space, art, and music parties. Therefore, I also did not fail to recognise Ariana has a passion for all things cosmic and otherworldly. Similarly, as a supporter of Ariana’s, I know she never fails to impress. Therefore, it was not unexpected that she would again return to a supernatural concept in a music video. “Cosmic Lover” was the obvious choice.

In the music video for “Cosmic Lover,” we step into a world of wonder and mystery with Ariana in director Scarlet Moreno‘s latest clip. A perfect blend of “Close Encounters” and “Singing In The Rain,” this video showcases Ariana as the belle of the galactic ball. The stylishly attired extraterrestrial partner she dances with is nothing short of mesmerising. The same applies for the courting-style ballroom dance they participate in, which enthrals from start to finish. Don’t miss out on this otherworldly experience… tune in now!

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Furthermore, the “Cosmic Lover” release is not just about the stunning music video, it also comes with a remix package. The “Cosmic Lover” remix EP includes a stunning 80s synth-pop remix by Initial Talk (known for their official remixes for artists like Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, Sia and more). Moreover, Thomas CW has added a touch of modern, dance-pop allure in his mix. Both remixes offer something unique and will surely get everyone into the groove.

Listen to “Cosmic Lover (The Remixes)” HERE

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