You will likeliest already be aware I speak about the music of Ariana and the Rose, very often. I just feel that lately, she has been especially flying high with her newest music releases. The latest addition to the singers already stunning repertoire of songs is the “Constellations” Phase 1 EP which was released week. The four-track ensemble features the tracks “You Were Never My Boyfriend” and “True Love” (both previously, reviewed here on EQ). A haunting, interpretation of *NSYNC’s iconic hit “Bye Bye Bye” and by no means least, a new spellbinder named “Honesty“.

As the most chill song on the EP, “Honesty” is raw and exposed, in every sense of the word. It is a confessional pop song where the singer reveals to her faithful lover, that she has sinned. Not wanting to carry the guilt from her fall from grace any longer, the singer is without a doubt at her most vulnerable. There is an inescapable sense of tension and feeling, rippling throughout this bittersweet strung song. Ariana’s hushed and airy voice is more beguiling than ever.

Ariana and the Rose have used many different aesthetics when it comes to music videos. The clip for “Honesty” is again distinctive. It aims high and explores an interesting concept.

“This idea of women watching women just simply for pleasure is not something you see often enough on-screen,” Ariana says. “There are so many questions that immediately come up about the dynamic of the relationship between these two women, that just wouldn’t be asked if it was a man watching a woman. There is lust, sexuality, femininity and a deeper relationship all happening at the same time. We wanted to explore that and let the viewer sit in that.”

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