Ariana And The Rose has been on a music journey to find the key sound that suits her best it seems, as when we’ve looked in on the up-and-coming alternative pop starlet previously, Ariana DiLorenzo’s early works merely hinted at all she might offer up into the sub-pop leaning side of indietronica.

Stints as tour support act to Heffron Drive and Foxes among a few, have enabled the burgeoning alt-pop maverick to road test her off-kilter fed endeavours and grow the material to achieve a signature sound which is suitably, obscurely lit in potential.

Looking to her peers in Florence And The Machine and Kate Bush for greatest influence. Ariana and her band The Rose, look to the future whilst, trailblazing a potent elixir of serendipitously served electronic pop, which bites at the heels of a danceable steered aesthetic, enough to make it quite deliciously reveling in its wonderful, wonky yielded outlook.

What I have come to realize by listening to both of the tracks of the current Double AA side release, is that this new content is headed towards a trajectory not that unfamiliar to that of theatrical electronic pop, forward thinker Allie X.

Being that visually led “Survival Of The Fittest” quite explores the dark side of nu-disco with aplomb whilst single companion “Dirty Dancing” ventures unto an evocative path, embellished by crisp stylizing fueled with a flair of hedonistically gripping new-wave execution.

With growing interest in Allie X, we know that this is a style which is increasingly becoming associated of cult-like status. It’s hipster and audaciously cool with it. The whole Allie X brand though is aesthetically strong whilst Ariana And The Rose still has some work to do on this front, if she is to rightfully secure a place on the emerging pop radar and join the league of Allie X like adoration. To my mind it is a do-able future event! She’s just got to find that point of uniqueness that won’t see her overshadowed by the formidably creatively ambitious force that is X.