A reason to be cheerful. The time has come that I can tell you a little bit more about the debut album from Dagny. And, oh I am so excited about this release. First up what you should know is, it’s a two-part roll out, because of it being a concept album. There isn’t long to wait for Side A, as it is arriving on 22nd May. (Tracklisting reads 1. “Come Over”, 2. “Somebody”, 3. “Paris”, 4. “Let Me Cry”, 5. “Coulda Shoulda Woulda”, 6. “Tension.”) The remainder (Side B, presumably) is coming in September. With the stonkingly awesome pop belter “Come Over” already out, and because of her amazing track record for producing total bops. It is not such a tall order for Dagny to deliver an equally dazzling second look at her album. You’ll hear, no complaints coming from me, as “Somebody” is, what has become her signature style. A spellbinding rush of twinkling synths which meets with a huge, undeniable pop chorus.

I have always viewed Dagny as someone who shines and has an electric kind of energy swirling around her. She can knock the wind out of my sails with her breathtaking, entrancing vocals and render me mesmerised, in super quick time. In my view, she is just brilliant at what she does. And yes, aside from being a music reviewer, I DO consider myself as one of her little daggers (fans.) Does this make it hard for me to write up a constructive review? Well no, not at all. She is doing everything right, there is nothing to pick fault with. Simple as that.

She makes no apologies about singing sparkly love-songs, while always keeping her lyrics relatable and personal. The cute twinkle in her eyes feels like looking through a window into her soul. If we didn’t already know, Dagny is made from sugar and spice, and all that’s nice. Traits which are not only applicable to her but also find their way into the creation of her music videos, as well. (She is honest to goodness, authentic.) Dagny told her fans through chat during the YouTube video premiere that the clip for “Somebody” had been filmed at a posh house in Notting Hill, London. I think she has done a commendable job of tapping into some of the same special spiritual energy which has become synonymous with the endearing rom-com “Love Actually” which was also filmed in and around this affluent location.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dagnymusic
Twitter: @dagnymusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dagnymusic/

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