We have only had a hot minute to enjoy the A-side of Dagny’s debut album “Strangers / Lovers” and the singles which stemmed from it “Come Over” and “Somebody“. The time has arrived to begin tucking into the B-side of the singer’s debut album offering, in the way of the third single release “It’s Only A Heartbreak.”

When the “Strangers / Lovers” announcement was made back in May, we were informed it consisted of two distinct halves. So far, it is the buzzing electro-pop and epic choruses which Dagny does so well, that have impacted. With just the one lone transitional track “Tension” driven by a dreamier, whimsical style, rounding up the first instalment. Not that it isn’t always the case anyway. A lot of importance has been placed on the running order of the tracks. Which play a big part in the storytelling (The first half documenting the blossoming, early stages of new love, and the second – examining the fall out of that relationship.) Does this mean we are going to hear a much different Dagny than that, we’ve become accustomed to? Going by “It’s Only A Heartbreak” it is evident that style-wise the singer is returning to her eclectic roots, previously heard on “Backbeat” and “That Feeling When.”

I welcome a change of dynamic. I favour that, Dagny explores this strength some more. Somehow I think we can be mostly, assured. However, introspect and self-examining, the themes covered are. Catchy melodies will still play a significant part on the B-side tracks of this album. Listening to the lyrics of “It’s Only A Heartbreak,” where the effects of post-break-up are being felt. The way Dagny sings in a quite matter of fact style, yet is still very, honest in terms of songwriting. Is, the winning combination, which helps keep the track, on a lighter, brighter, footing – very much hurrah for that.

Debut album “Strangers / Lovers” out October 2nd via Little Daggers Records

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dagnymusic/

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