I was today years old when I found out. Astrid S is Norway’s most streamed female artist. This is eye-opening news to me. I would have put money on Sigrid or Aurora being the holder of this record. Despite my cynicism, I am sure the information is accurate, and the press release sent in telling me about this interesting Astrid S trivia was fact-checked. My sense of humour aside. This is an achievement Astrid S should be rightly proud of. And I suspect because of the prestige that comes along with it. A title she would wish to hang onto a while longer. For “Pretty,” her final release of 2021, she has invited fellow Norwegian powerhouse Dagny on board.

To be honest, I am more familiar with Dagny’s work than that of Astrid S. On my part, perhaps I haven’t paid enough attention to Astrid. I’m all ears for this collaboration, though. The Norwegians are always so good at creating pop songs with sparkly Nordic music magic, as this one also does. Both Astrid and Dagny, when songwriting, do so from a personal perspective. Neither are afraid to approach vulnerability in their lyrics. They both have the same musical outlook. Astrid S & Dagny was always going to make a good working partnership. As is what happens on “Pretty.”

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In this song, the lyrics hint at when the honeymoon period wears off. It’s neither a song about heartbreak nor the early stages of falling in love. They are working out whether the relationship is right for them in the long term. As a result, the song strikes a different note than most pop songs about love and relationships. In that, it is an honest account about this intermediate stage of coupling, while still being lyrically, beautifully poetic.

Quite honestly, the track is a dreamy pop delight. Even if “Pretty” is just setting me up for new music from these two lovely ladies. Its purpose serves it well.

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