Singer-songwriter Betty Who, choosing to name her upcoming album “BIG!” is not a boast. When marking her return to music in June with the track “Blow Out My Candle.” She pulled at our heartstrings for having come back channelling 80s pop vibes on the new single. Also, the lyrics appeared with a sense more of earnest than before. Betty Who’s opening up like this, (which she has never done to this degree before) shows the significant growth in her artistry. It seems we will get to see her share much more of her truth on “BIG!” As the follow-up track “She Can Dance” picks up on her new trend.

She Can Dance” is about as autobiographical as I could get,” Betty says about the single. “I knew making this album that the stories had to be true, that it had to feel scary and more vulnerable than ever. So without further ado, I present to you a retelling of the facts of my life as I see them. She was never perfect, but at least she tried and had a great time along the way. I hope “She Can Dance” makes you feel like YOU can dance through the trying times.”

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When Betty said the track was her truth, she was not jesting. The lyrics read through like they are taken from the pages of her childhood diaries. Where she is courageous enough to highlight some of her personal struggles. In one section, she discusses feeling as though she didn’t belong. In another part, she recalls the nights spent out partying that she used as a coping mechanism when things in her life were not working out for her. While speaking out about her music career journey, she lays a lot bare.

She persevered in the face of adversity and struggle. Dance has helped her recover from dark times. Rekindled her hope and brought out a resilient streak in her.

We might casually notice the Aerin Moreno-directed video and enjoy the energy of the choreographed dance routine. However, the idea for this video is not intended to be filler content. By first absorbing the lyrical story told, the significance of the visual footage comes into its own.

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