If like me, you thought Betty Who had wrapped up promoting her self-titled third album “Betty” of last year, it seems the singer had other ideas. She’s had one last parting shot, queued up all along. A video in support of, the mother of all the bops on the album, and the funkiest one yet, “The One.” (i.e. It’s the one where she pays homage to pop artists of the 90s.)

You will probably have thought the singer has gone pretty quiet if you don’t follow her on Instagram since this is, pretty much the only social media account she has been continually updating, of late. On the contrary, the singer has been very upfront when speaking to her fans – the ‘Who Crew’ about the experience of putting out her first independent album. In a post updated a month ago, she teases “Trust Me” and speaks openly, about new songs she’s been working on for the next era teasing… it’s coming, but I would expect not for a while, yet. Hours ago, Betty Who spun everyone out, with the cryptic post ‘something’s coming.’ In less than 24-hours, and reliant on fan-base assisted promo only, the video for “The One” dropped.

When Betty released the video for 2017, single “Human Touch” she really did slip into Britney mode, living out her, it’s Britney bitch dreams. It still remains one of my favourite Betty Who videos. Thank goodness that she didn’t put this idea to bed, straight afterwards and has jumped back into the 90s time-warp again for “The One.” There is no way I would have wanted to miss out on the opportunity of seeing the singer, flex her Britney vibes some more. But there is more, much more paying homage to 90s pop in this song and video. This time, we also get nods to Justin Timberlake, *NSYNC, and the choreography of 90s boyband per se. These are not the kind of grooves we know her best for, but she nails every beat, and style which feature in this Betty Who 90s mega-mix, stylized bop. Not going to lie. This was just the song and video I needed today. It’s got me exploding in pop colours and delving into my teenage days, record collection.

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