It’s Betty Who Bitch!

I realise when we hear that phrase our thoughts turn to Britney, but it’s truth that this is who Betty Who is most definitely channeling in her raunchy new video for “Human Touch”. I had to do a double take and everything, but then I have been out in the sun a lot in the past few days so it might have cooked my brain a touch.

Betty Who with blonde, waist long hair extensions is too much. She is killing it with this look, honestly. What would your mama say indeed!

I haven’t been able to erase the fun packed performance which happened at the last EQ Music Live night with Betty Who and her ripped dance troupe out of my head until this video came along. Now that it is here, it’s shot right up there as my most favorite thing Betty Who has ever done. Yup, I said it.

There is lots of touching in this video and also lots of bedroom action. It suitably scoots under the radar of being censored as NSFW. It is a Betty Who video after all and without a doubt, my favourite track from Betty’s sophomore album “The Valley” which is out now.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bettywhomusic
Twitter: @BettyWho