I know G Flip and Upsahl will be OK with me saying their new track, “Scream“, is a horny beast. Simply because this is a pretty damn accurate description of it.

I received a heads-up about this spicy release a few days ago. However, when getting an early peek of it. I wasn’t prepared, even so, for how intimate and steamy G and Upsahl get in the video. The dynamic twosome leave little to the imagination, I must say. You wouldn’t usually catch me watching such passion on a weekday afternoon. I had no choice but to look at the steamy CineMonkey directed clip. As sneak-peek links are notorious for becoming a dead link in super, quick time. Duly the link provided ended living up to those expectations.

G Flip was one of my absolute favourite breakout artists of 2018. And although I was unsure about her at first. Upsahl firmly won me around after I tuned in to her livestream gigs she put on during the lockdown. It didn’t once occur to me these two might team up on a track together, though. I am glad that this collaboration happened as it brings their contrasting personalities into the music. (G Flip being the softer emotive one. Upsahl, the firecracker of the two of them).

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I am more used to hearing lyrics doused in bittersweetness from G Flip. But if she wanted to turn up the heat both lyrically and musically, she made an excellent choice inviting Upsahl on board. She is bold and empowering and very upfront when singing about the sexy stuff.

Aside from the obvious, the music video reminds us of the power of, human touch and the effect touching one another has as an emotional response. We can stumble over words but touching someone’s hand gives reassurance. A hug shows that we care. A kiss says, you’re special and are dear to me.

Except, trust them. G Flip and Upsahl went wild and made a sexy, steamy video. Watch it (but not with your parents).

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