I have never known a time when I’ve been so spoilt for choice in choosing which gig I would like to attend. The vast amount of at home-style, live streams which have been springing up online during the past few weeks have made me feel like a kid in a candy shop. More importantly, I do feel we must remember, how generous it is that these artists are willfully sharing their art with us, as a way to keep us entertained and lift-up our spirits. When the majority of these performances have been accessed for free, I hope a big bout of consciousness will soon prevail with the armchair viewers by spending their cash on merchandise, physical CD’s and by supporting these artists online. As I have become fascinated with her music, on Friday, I tuned into the set by rising, indie-pop singer-songwriter UPSAHL. As I watched on, it wasn’t long before realisation hit me in the face. I became fully aware that by tuning in I was witnessing, the powerhouse, presence of UPSAHL’s impending greatness.

All in all, it was a stand-out week for the singer-songwriter. She earned a songwriting nod for the quirky track “Good In Bed” which appears on Dua Lipa‘s phenomenal “Future Nostalgia” album. And, swiftly followed this plaudit by unleashing the hype new track “12345SEX.”

Of the new release, UPSAHL commented, “I’ve had the idea for the “12345SEX” lyric for a while, I just didn’t know what message I wanted the rest of the song to have. Then I said to myself, fuck it, I’m going to make a song simply about being horny and living your best life with no apologies.”

Without a doubt, she has sass by the bucket load. Making her, no-holds-barred approach to songwriting both forthright and endearing. You better believe that if she has something to say, she is absolutely going to say it. As with UPSAHL, words and lyrics are volcanic, when she erupts with ideas, they shoot off like firecrackers. It is exactly, this, which makes me want to sit up and listen to what she has to say, because there is a lot of validity, and intelligence being poured into the content of her music. Along, with hot doses of, pluck and bravado on her new song. It is this style of creative quirkiness, which in the first place will elevate her, and ultimately the interesting topics that she covers will ensure she thrives, on.

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