I see, G Flip has had a musical epiphany. Since spending time in L.A, their music has taken on more of a powerful sound. I found this most noticeable on the Melbourne-born multi-hyphenates recent collaboration with indie-pop provocateur UPSAHL for the spicy track “Scream“. Far from dabbling in the newer emboldened style. It seems, G is only most interested in pushing these vibes further. It’s been amazing to see them spread teaser clips of their brand new anthem, “Gay 4 Me,” online. Initially, G did not hint at the track’s collaboration. Until later revealing Lauren Sanderson would join them on the steamy song.

The American, indie, alt-pop singer-songwriter Sanderson has seen her career take off significantly since releasing her own record “Therapy!“. She is for definite an artist on the hot tip. Linking up with G Flip for “Gay 4 Me” sees them both honing their distinctive signature styles. Breathing fresh life into the musicality of the new music. What is for sure, since they’ve started working with a range of American based pop artists. G’s recent offerings have become much more lyrically liberating, by far.

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Speaking about “Gay 4 MeG explains,

“I personally think you can’t help who you end up attracted to. No matter what gender or sexuality. I’ve been on the other end of this situation, where girls have told me they aren’t gay, but they’re gay for me”.

Just months ago. The acclaimed queer pop singer-songwriters FLETCHER and Hayley Kiyoko dropped their sapphic bop “Cherry“. G Flip and Lauren seem to have things in place with their new anthem to take down FLETCHER and Hayley from the top spot. As when it falls to the latest feminist pop releases, their raunchier offering of “Gay 4 Me” stands out.

If there was any doubt in my mind, of which there is not. The music video G and Lauren have dropped off for their steamy release is equally as hot. As the track arrives almost at the end of LGBTQ History Month. Lauren and G look poised to leave a valuable legacy of their own making for the queer community with “Gay 4 Me“.

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