Attention, please! my new favourite Aussie music obsession G Flip has just unleashed a video for her brilliant pop song “Killing My Time.” She has been pretty resourceful, keeping her DIY aesthetic intact. Shooting the clip with the use of hand-held cameras, while breezing through a multitude of airports as she was recently touring the world.

Usually, I find on-the-road stylised, tour videos a bit rubbish. You know the kind I’m talking about, specifically those where you see your favourite pop star asleep on the tour bus, and someone is paying a prank on them, at the expense of their sleepiness. I’m glad G Flip’s “Killing My Time” video didn’t turn out this way. Passing time in airport departure lounges can be as tediously unpleasant as wishing to hear your name called out in a waiting room. Granted there are shops, eateries and entertainment options available at modern-day airports but when the objective is to pass through in the quickest time possible, I’m not the least bit interested in trawling the shops, with a suitcase in tow. Therefore, on this occasion, I’m rather cheery about G Flip utilising her waiting time as a multi-task opportunity to make a pop music video.

I’m am loving how the multi-instrumentalist/singer has made this clip utterly compelling to watch. She seriously has a fresh vibe which rocks with authenticity. It all comes through in the cute video which gives an unfiltered view of the unglamorous side of being a pop-artist/musician who is circumnavigating the globe. Watching the video, makes you feel as though G Flip has included you on a big adventure with her. It is certainly the impression, the emerging sensation gives, that of having the time of her life. As a viewer vicariously, tapping into that happiness and wonderment is just joyful.

The clip makes me totally, wanna jump into G Flip’s world, if only for a little while. The best news is she’s coming back over to the UK to play new tour dates in October. Take a look at how much fun was had when she recently visited the UK in the clip compiled by G Flip below. Looks to me the fun begins before the first beat drops at G Flip gig, you’d be well advised to book your tickets early.

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