If it wasn’t for our friend Hannah from Spread On Toast, we might have not actually seen G Flip perform this year at SXSW. Every year before we attend the big event in Austin, we put out a Facebook call-to-action to all our music friends and ask them to recommend a band or artist that they think we would like and well, Hannah most certainly had the right suggestion this year.

Meet G Flip. She’s a spunky lil beatmaker from Australia who has finally stepped out of the session drummer seat and into the spotlight with her first single “About You” racking up an impressive 250K+ views on YouTube.

What we love about G Flip is her personality. She’s exceptionally honest about her bad breakups with girls which often lead to a bit of intoxication that ultimately serves as inspiration to her music creation. And hey, if bad breakups is what it takes for G Flip to keep making the music she does, we hope she’s never happy and keeps making that special blend of angst-ridden pop that impressed us to bits at SXSW this year.

We jest of course, we hope G Flip finds her true love, but let’s hope she’s got a few more good songs in her heart to share with us singletons before she calls it a day. For now, we think G Flip is gonna be quite busy for a while as she’s about to embark on her first Aussie tour and most dates are already SOLD OUT.

You go girl.