The lead-in album campaign for “Something To Give Each Other” by Troye Sivan was refreshingly short and sweet. It’s astonishing following the release of just one catchy song like “Rush” had fans eagerly anticipating the album’s release. Sivan had a well-planned release strategy. Evidently this spanned from the pandemic lockdowns when the creation of his 3rd album was taking shape. It’s pleasing to discover he made the most of that time and created such a brilliant body of work. On a personal note – I appreciate the approach of giving hints about an artist’s work rather than releasing every possible single before the album drops. As a fan, I’m excited to hit play and listen to the album in its entirety.

On the day of the album release. The video for “One Of Your Girls” was the first new music I looked for. Earlier in the week, Troye Sivan wore fishnets and heels in a photo hint. The image was a clear representation of girl power. However, until the video created by the same team behind the “Rush” and “Got Me Started” visuals was unlocked on Friday, few were prepared for how empowering it would prove to be. Troye Sivan’s appearance as womanly ‘Troye’ is a hands-down win, and it’s no surprise that he’s as gorgeous as a supermodel. I don’t think we need to search for the next Drag Race superstar. Troye has already seemingly won that title in an honorary capacity, I would say!

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Overall, the album’s vibe of highs and low’s and hedonism and freedom is palpable. It stands out that Troye drew upon his feelings to create this body of work. He has pushed his stylizing and sound forward, unlocking his full potential and ensuring a seamless transition. “Something To Give Each Other” solidifies that he has musically come of age, and the world is his oyster now.

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