Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan has really taken us through the emotional wringer hasn’t he?!

The whole concept of the “Wild” EP and the “Blue Neighbourhood” project / debut album has acted insightfully to give some deeper understanding of LGBT relationships and of love itself.

Love is an emotional state that has the ability to creep up on us when we don’t always expect it. Once it takes hold there is no going back, only forwards and the life journey it weaves is sprung with complexities, for some even more so than others.

Troye’s excellently executed, depiction of a blossoming same sex relationship as seen through the “Blue Neighbourhood” visual package has seen a storyline develop between two young boys, who from friendship innocently fell in love. The consequences of this though, have been painfully real and given an honest account of how the naivety of humankind can ultimately be the trigger of pleasure / pain experiences due to circumstance.

In closing the final chapter of the “Blue Neighbourhood” trilogy, Troye leaves us with intimate love song “Talk Me Down” which exposes a resilience that comes from within and of being totally truthful of oneself and feelings that ultimately may lay open vulnerability.

The climax to the “Blue Neighbourhood” storyline cuts as deep as it could possibly get. In a turn of events that whilst being thought provoking are ultimately incredibly sad. Not one but two of the main characters meet their maker!

It really hits home the unfortunate reality that for some fragile and tortured souls the route to unlocking lifes turbulence comes at the biggest price of all.

Godspeed to you all.