We’ve been following Ariana and the Rose for quite some time at EQ and noted Ariana certainly, knows how to reinvent herself. It has been a treat to watch Ariana’s artistry develop before our eyes and ears, but it does feel as though all the hard work down the years is now paying off for the emerging synth-pop starlet.

Recently, the girl making waves both sides of the Atlantic with her future-pop sound found her niche of super cool, emotive electronic style on debut EP “Retrograde“. But Ariana and the Rose has always been a project which has strong ties to performance and visual elements, (this comes from Ariana’s background in theatre) exploring more of this in live shows and videos makes a strong aesthetic, that bit more captivating and empowering.

For the first time, Ariana steps up as the director of the video for the sonically enveloping track “How Does It Make You Feel“. It gives a woman’s perspective on being in control and sensual at the same time. The sense of intimacy in the video is overwhelming but, in a good way achieved with glitter (lots of it) and an expressive style of contemporary dancing.

Looking forward to seeing how these concepts from the video come to life with the music this week, when Ariana and the Rose perform live at EQ Music Live Presents with The Sound of Arrows and Puzzle on Thursday 24th August.

A few tickets are still available for you to snap up HERE!

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