Ariana and the Rose just blew my mind by putting out her best single ever. The gorgeous track “Lonely Star” sees the synth-pop songstress on top form. She really has found her calling, in the sonic range of synth-pop with this song. The style helps her airy, wistful vocals shine out with a natural warmth. There is no steering away from the fact, Ariana and the Rose have accelerated her journey over the past 12 months with singles “How Does That Make You Feel” and “For Your Love.” But this new effort positively swells with some seriously silky sounds, which seem to inhabit a realm just outside space and time.

Speaking on Instagram about the track, Ariana had this to say.

I can just imagine how magnificently a song like “Lonely Star” will comfortably slot into the setting of Ariana’s other creative endeavour the immersive music event series, Light + Space. Her widescreen, creative vision is wrapped in producing spellbinding sounds to enhance our world. The songs laced with empowering themes that are liberally sprinkled with a luminescence, of glitter.

The music is anchored by bright melodicism, and nothing could be a more valid statement to make about “Lonely Star.” In her music, Ariana and the Rose continue to share her deep, personal exploration of, community, and inclusivity with all of us. In her songs, superbly haunting verses bring about a surge of otherworldliness before unfurling into dainty, but naggingly, catchy choruses. With a thrilling energy and soft-hued electronica, she’s stirring up the hearts and minds of her audience. While giving us cause to think she’s well and truly homed in, and found her way forward in sound.

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