Another pitstop on our music discovery journey at this SXSW 2017, saw us take in an intimate showcase by rising synth-pop songstress Ariana and the Rose, who took to the stage at Whole Foods Southwest Invasion.

It seems to us that Ariana has reached that tipping point of finding where her niche in music lies. She’s always clung more to the alternative side but there’s been some tweaks and a mystical pop aura that made its way into the music of late, seeping with sonic abundance on her latest endeavour with her “Retrograde” EP.

The performance Ariana gave was certainly one that echoed an emotive tone of sonic ambience and empowerment into the crowd, relayed through tracks “Give Up The Ghost”, “Love You Lately” and “Supercool”.

Seizing the opportunity post show, we caught up for a chat with Ariana, where we talked more about “Supercool”, writing in the shower and being a young, female role model for the new generation.

All in all our time spent at Whole Foods Southwest Invasion with Ariana and the Rose saw the haunting power of the music reach out on a personable level right before our very eyes. We’ll be pencilling in a diary date for sure next time Ariana brings her show back to Londontown!