The wonderful, Ariana and the Rose has a treat for our eyes. It is the stunning video which supports the recent single “Night Owl.” The delicious synth-pop track was released in November of last year. It cast an enchanting spell over me, owing to the songs glittery dancefloor ambience and Ari’s prettily hushed but breathy vocal. The singer has really come into her own over the past couple of years, which is reflected in the calibre of her most recent tracks and music videos. All aspects of her creativity are on fire. She has more often than not, stopped me in my tracks when I’ve hit play to get in my first listen/viewing of the new releases.

It is quite easy to decipher. “Night Owl” is a song written about going out clubbing. How dancing helps to free the mind and how being squeezed into a tiny dancefloor space to cut some, body shapes with other humans can make us leave the said establishment feeling euphoric. It is a feeling which can become drug-like addictive, especially for the kind of persons who are most active at night time.

In this music video, Ariana is serving looks. She lets us see an array of stunning outfits that she’d dress herself up in when enjoying a night out indulging in the club scene. It does look as though, girlfriend takes good care of herself, has spent quite a few dollars in the hottest of fashion houses. It is money spent well because she looks incredible. Confident and cool. A positive vision of femininity which captures the imagination in the right way. Even though Ari’s strutting around like the prettiest peacock in the clip. The biggest impression we take away from the chilled and sparkling banger “Night Owl” is Ariana’s ability to express feelings with empowering words.

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