The atmospheric opening to the newly unleashed Moyka track “I Don’t Wanna Hold On” has totally made my day, today. The intro sounds kinda intense and stirring and is rather similar to the whirr, white-noise creates. This is an exposing and minimalistic start but also by the same token hugely thrilling and exhilarating. In March Moyka dropped the double-A side release of “As Long as You’re Here” and “Stay” her first with new home SNAFU Records. She also broke the news that the debut album will be out later this year.

We are primed to hear lots from Moyka in the coming months. I am feeling particularly ecstatic about that. Equally so because “I Don’t Wanna Hold On” allows me to deep dive into my feels. This is a track that is so good at reaching out with a soothing, calming allure, for it to encourage me to similarly reach inwards and take a special, quiet moment to really think about the journey of life I’ve been on. Moyka takes lots of inspiration from the beautiful surroundings and stunning scenery of her Norwegian homeland. She successfully translates this organic, earthy mood into the spacey sonic soundscape of the latest offering. Both profound and breathtaking it, makes me swell up inside with dreamy thoughts and appreciate how good it feels to be outdoors. Moyka’s vocals are like bird song. That I really can’t wait to go sit by a stream in a wooded glade and pop this track into my ears. And experience a dream-like disconnect and overwhelming calm. There should be more innovative and inspiring songs like this in our world right now

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More about “I Don’t Wanna Hold On,” Moyka says,

“I wrote it at a point where I was really heartbroken and didn’t want to carry around the sadness anymore.” Further adding, “In my recent years, I’ve thought of love as energy, and logically it has to follow the law of energy – it never truly disappears. It never goes away, and it transforms into something else. Gives life to something new.”

Moyka really is an intriguing, exciting young artist, indeed another great singer-songwriter to come out of Norway.

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